Frontend Security Monitoring Integrations

Use your tests written with GuardianTest to monitor your live app’s critical paths. Get alerted immediately when things break or are compromised.

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Frontend Security Monitoring Overview

Tests written with GuardianTest can be integrated with GuardianUI's Frontend Security Monitoring system, which helps make sure your app continues working as expected post-production.

Specifically, our monitoring platform detects whether your live app is creating the expected smart contract interactions for users, such as transactions pointing to the correct contracts and approvals giving the appropriate addresses access to user funds. If our system detects an issue, we will alert your team in real-time with actionable insights. You can think of GuardianUI's monitoring solution as providing “continuous frontend auditing.”

From a security perspective, GuardianUI continuously monitors your app for vulnerabilities that could compromise your frontend and alter its contract interactions, such as DNS attacks, Cloudflare attacks, javascript injections, malicious package injections, package name squatting, malicious minifiers, compromised linters, and more. \

Coinbase Ventures included the GuardianUI monitoring solution twice in their Web3 Security Stack overview.

Web3 Frontend Attack Examples

These are several examples of the types of web3 frontend attacks we aim to help mitigate. In each of the examples, malicious actors were able to compromise vulnerabilities with a project’s frontend and steal money from users.

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