Frontend Security Monitoring


What is GuardianUI’s Frontend Security Monitoring?

GuardianUI continuously monitors for anything that might cause your live frontend to create the wrong smart contract interactions and rug your users.

This includes middleware and supply chain attacks that could compromise your frontend and alter its contract interactions, such as DNS attacks, Cloudflare attacks, javascript injections, malicious package injections, package name squatting, malicious minifiers, compromised linters, and more.

It also includes detecting if bad code gets pushed to production.

Why is monitoring and securing my dApp's frontend important?

Users deserve safe and secure experiences, and there are tons of ways users can get rugged while using your app without you knowing it.

Whether it’s bad code accidentally getting pushed to production, supply chain attacks, or middleware attacks - your app’s frontend has significant risk vectors that’s impossible for you and your team to manually monitor.

That’s where we come in. With GuardianUI, you can set it and forget it - by continuously monitoring that your frontend is working as expected. If it doesn’t, we’ll immediately notify you of exactly what’s wrong so you can address the issue and keep your users safe.

What are examples of frontend attacks that have happened to dApps?

There are countless examples of FE attacks resulting in users getting rugged that our Frontend Security Monitoring solution would detect.

Here are a few:

Which testing frameworks are compatible with GuardianUI's Frontend Security Monitoring product?

GuardianTest is currently the only supported framework.

We already run tests in our development pipeline. Why do we also need Frontend Security Monitoring?

Tests run locally or in CI play a valuable role in making sure your app works correctly before you deploy. However, the only way to detect whether your app works correctly after you deploy is to monitor your live app with a solution such as GuardianUI. This is critically important to ensure the safety and correct functionality of your dApp for users.

How frequently can I run my browser checks?

You can run your checks as frequently as every 5 minutes.

What happens when a check fails?

If a check fails, GuardianUI will instantly send your team an alert via email and/or discord with the exact failure reason.

We eliminate the guesswork so you can immediately address the root issue.

How many tests should I write for my dApp?

Every app is unique with different critical paths, behaviors, and security needs. As a general rule, you should consider creating tests for any interaction your frontend has with smart contracts.

Please reach out to our team in discord if you need any help.

We don’t want to write our own tests. Can you do that for us?

Absolutely! Please contact us using this form so we can discuss your specific needs.

Pricing and Billing

Can I try Frontend Security Monitoring for free?

Yes! We offer a 2 week free trial to all new users. Please fill out this short form and you'll receive a personal invite from one of our founders.

What does Frontend Security Monitoring cost after my free trial?

By signing up for the Frontend Security Monitoring plan, you get unlimited access to all features. You’ll pay $0.03 per browser check and be billed monthly for browser checks performed in the previous month. You can cancel at any time.

How can I estimate what my costs would be?

You can easily estimate your monthly costs using this pricing calculator.

Do you offer custom plans?

Yes! While the standard plan works for most teams, we recognize each team has unique needs.

With our Custom plan, we can work with you to create a bespoke offering that can include GuardianUI writing/maintaining your tests, volume discounts, prepayment discounts, premium support, and more.

If interested, please contact us using this form so we can get you going!

How does billing work?

With the Frontend Security Monitoring plan, we bill monthly for browser checks performed in the previous month.

Because our Custom plans are tailored to you, we can work with you to determine the appropriate billing schedule.

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