Storycheck (Beta)

What is Storycheck?

Storycheck creates end-to-end tests by converting user stories into test code using natural language.

Do I need to be a developer to write tests with Storycheck?

No, you don't need to use a programming language to write meaningful tests. You can use natural language to describe web3 UI flows. Here is an example. Developers can write advanced test cases using GuardianTest.

Can I use my tests written with Storycheck for Frontend Security Monitoring?

Currently, tests with Storycheck cannot be used with Frontend Security Monitoring.

Can I integrate tests written with Storycheck in CI?

Storycheck can be used as a test step in CI scripts. Here is an example github action which sets up a Storycheck environment and runs checks. If the Storycheck step fails, the CI script fails as well.

What device types work best with Storycheck?

Storycheck has been trained on data from mobile sized screens. It is most currently most reliable for testing the UI of smartphones and tablets.

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