Browser Checks

This quickstart gives you the necessary info to create browser checks with GuardianUI. It’s helpful to have some prior knowledge of working with Javascript.

What is a browser check?

A browser check is a Node.js script that controls a headless Chromium browser to mimic user behavior. Load a web page, click a link, create a swap or approval transaction – do everything your users might do with their wallet on your app and check if these result in the correct smart contract interactions.

Your browser checks should verify:

  • Transactions point to the correct contracts

  • Approvals give the correct addresses access to user funds

The combination of automated interactions and assertions leads to confidence that your app works as expected.

GuardianUI's Frontend Security Monitoring system uses tests written in GuardianTest, a custom modification to the popular Playwright framework, to power your browser checks.

For examples of valid browser checks and instructions for how to create them, see Writing Tests and Test Examples.

Valid GuardianTest scripts are the foundation of a valid browser check. If the script passes, your check passes. If the script fails, your check fails.

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