What is GuardianUI?

GuardianUI is an end-to-end testing and monitoring platform for web3 apps. We offer a suite of products designed to improve frontend security and UX in the crypto space including our open source testing framework - GuardianTest.

Which blockchains are compatible with GuardianUI’s suite of products?

Our products support dApps of all types building on EVM compatible chains (e.g. Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon).

Is GuardianUI suitable for both small and large organizations?

Absolutely. We have solutions that cater to projects no matter the size of their team, budget, traffic, volume, etc.

Our open source end-to-end testing framework, GuardianTest, is completely free to use. Organizations that want to monitor their live frontends to make sure their apps are performing correctly can utilize our frontend security monitoring product. Projects can also work with us directly to create more custom programs (e.g. we write your tests, volume discounts for monitoring, etc.).

How can GuardianUI help improve the quality and reliability of my web3 application?

GuardianUI’s products can help you improve the reliability, robustness, and safety of your web3 applications in multiple ways.

  • GuardianTest is an open source end-to-end testing framework that extends the popular Playwright framework so developers can easily perform tests on any EVM compatible chain, pin tests to any block, interact with a site with a wallet, mock ERC20 balances and allowances, validate target contract addresses from app interactions, and perform any other action or validation Playwright enables.

  • Our Frontend Security Monitoring solution lets you continuously run your tests written with the GuardianTest framework against your live app.

  • Storycheck enables you to write end-to-end tests using natural language and verify your app is creating the expected smart contract interactions.

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