Check Results

If you have checks running, you can select them on the main GuardianUI dashboard and view an overview of the results they have produced.

Dashboard overview

The main dashboard provides you with information about each of your checks. The information includes:

  • Name - name of the check

  • Last Run - how long ago the check was performed

  • Last Day - the success rate of the check over the past 24 hours (rolling)

  • Last Week - the success rate of the check over the past 7 days (rolling)

  • Created On - the date on which the check was created

  • Status - the current pass / fail status of the check

Check results overview

Clicking on a check from the Dashboard takes you to the Check's results page to see a breakdown of its recent runs, together with key availability and performance metrics as well as logs of historical runs.

  • Alerts - how many alerts have been triggered due to failure states in the past 24 hours?

  • Last run - when the check was last performed

  • Avg. Run Time - how long it takes the check to run on average (averaged over the past week).

The data cards show the number of failing checks within the past 24 hours, when the last check run occurred, and the average run time of the test over the past week.

The donut chart denotes the percent of test runs that have succeeded in the past 24 hours.

The logs table of the check’s historical runs includes the full output from Playwright that can be viewed by clicking the entry in the Output column.

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