Mocking APIs

Playwright provides systems to track or mock and modify any network requests that a page creates.

Mock API Requests

You can intercept all calls to an API and return test data instead without actually submitting the request to the API endpoint.

await page.route('', async route => {
  const json = {
    message: { 'test_breed': [] }
  await route.fulfill({ json });

Modify API Responses

You can also make an API request but modify the returned data once it has been fetched.

await page.route('', async route => {
  const response = await route.fetch();
  const json = await response.json();
  json.message['big_red_dog'] = [];
  // Fulfill using the original response, while patching the response body
  // with the given JSON object.
  await route.fulfill({ response, json });

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