Tests written with GuardianTest integrate with our Frontend Security Monitoring platform to check and verify whether your live app is working appropriately for users.


GuardianUI's Frontend Security Monitoring solution provides real-time vulnerability and performance-issue detection for your dapp’s frontend.

  • Simulate user interactions for both web2 and web3 flows

  • Perform simulations as frequently as every 1 minute.

  • Get notified immediately when there’s an issue.

Why Should You Monitor Your Frontend?

Web3 apps still depend on web2 infrastructure - which leaves your dapp exposed to countless vulnerabilities and is impossible to constantly review manually.

GuardianUI can continuously monitor your app for issues that cause your frontend to create the wrong smart contract interactions (among other things). Risk vectors for your dapp include:

  • DNS poisoning attacks

  • Cloudflare attacks

  • BGP hijacking

  • Javascript injections

  • Malicious package injections

  • Malicious minifiers

  • Package name squatting

  • Compromised linters

  • And more!

Web3 Hack Examples

There are several examples of the types of frontend attacks our monitoring system would detect. In each of the examples below, bad actors were able to compromise vulnerabilities with a project’s frontend and steal money from users.

GuardianUI was recognized as a leader in the Coinbase Ventures Web3 Security Stack for Threat Intelligence and Security Testing Tools

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